Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just another day

Sianz On Monday there will be a E-Maths test, i think it will be kinda hard lol. I need to go and revise for it so that i will not anyhow fail this test.

Chinese Tution today was alright, kinda funny and amusing when the teacher teaches, maybe thats how i can learnt better and faster.

Sleepy and Snoozing Away in my dreams, homework is boring....................

Thats all guys see ya

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

Today my parents and I celebrate Valentines Day with lots of shopping and a cozy meal at Jack's Place. It was kinda fun doing this stuff during Valentines Day just to lift up our spirits after days of work. Couples Are everywhere holding hands and enjoying this day as though they had never enjoy so much fun before. Maybe this really helps them continue on.

Today, our Bougainvilla plant was exceptionally Bright Red today. An unusual sight , especially when it is situated at the front of the House. Few people came to look at it, and i suspected one of them cut of a branch of this flowers away.

Oh yeah today , I enjoyed watching my Teacher's hamsters moving around lively in the house ( An empty fishtank). They look cute and Free. Maybe, one day i should rear a hamster, It will be fun. ( Totally didnt concentrated on the lesson LOL, making a hell lot of careless mistakes) -.-'

Well thats all i got haha.

Please do not Continue reading the next paragraph if u think it is gonna spoil your day.

Today i read finish the book called " The Heretic" by Joseph Nassise. It is kinda nice especially a part where a man called Duncan asked his commander Cade Williams, to help the revenant ( Souls force back into decomposing flesh by the use of Dark Magick, imbued with the hunger for flesh) which was once a Knight templar proud to protect his people and forced to kill people , by putting a bullet through his head. Another part is where a man got killed by his Undead Daughter ( A revenant) by dismembering him one part at a time and devouring his internal organs. The Daughter knew that the man was her father and tried to restrain, but was unable to control her hunger for living flesh. Kinda ugly for some people and pityful. Read this book only if u are able to face its horrors.

Thats all for today. I shall post again.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Christian Outreach to the Handicapped

Today, the Celebration of the ending of Chinese New year, ( Speaking the truth, 15th of the was on Monday) was a success. Though we a few slight setbacks, where our Colour book prizes go missing!!!

Seeing This people enjoying made me feel great, it is a joy to see this people enjoying themselves as though they are normal people, do not look down on this people, even though they may be disabled physically or mentally, they still have special talents.

Once they did a recycling project, making use of plastic bottles and Turn them into nicely trimmed trees. It shows that they are very talented. In Next Two weeks, the In-charge will come and brief us all about this project where they will teach my interactors how to construct this magnificent trees.

After that my parents , together with me and my sister, visited our maternal Grandmother at a Nursing Home in Whampoa, it felt like it has been 12 years since i see her when i was a toddler, She had grown old and skinny and had forgethen about my parents ( I guess she may be suffering from slight dementia).We talk to her and cheer her up, my mother gave her a good shoulder massage to make her feel better. It has been months since my mother felt unhappy about her illness and now seeing her still strong, a smile is etched onto her face which i have not seen the past few months due to the stress from her work.

I guess it is still back to the old days, Study. Sigh, if i would have alter the world, I will make a place where no exams co-exist in this world a single bit. Sadly, i do not have the power to do so. I hope i can do more of this Community services to help people, before i step down from my club to began intensive studies!!

So long !!!!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Triple Tests of Doom

Physics Chemistry and Biology tests are killing................. I have Never ever been stressed till like mad before.

Physics is soooooo damn hard, i think i am gonna fail it. I should have spend more time on the structured questions and not the ESSAYS......

Chemistry i scraped a B4 kinda bad but almost half of my class failed the test. Luckily i pass hahahaha

Biology is so-so but sianz one could never expect a bigger wave coming... I Lost 10 marks in that paper for forgetfulness zzzzzzzzz

And Damn it i got sick in that week, supposingly i should have rest, in the end i got myself into deep waters when my flu got worse...

Preparing for the COH visit on 11 feb 2009, another big project that is gonna stress me out again .

This week is gonna be rough. Hope i can make it through.