Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Christian Outreach to the Handicapped

Today, the Celebration of the ending of Chinese New year, ( Speaking the truth, 15th of the was on Monday) was a success. Though we a few slight setbacks, where our Colour book prizes go missing!!!

Seeing This people enjoying made me feel great, it is a joy to see this people enjoying themselves as though they are normal people, do not look down on this people, even though they may be disabled physically or mentally, they still have special talents.

Once they did a recycling project, making use of plastic bottles and Turn them into nicely trimmed trees. It shows that they are very talented. In Next Two weeks, the In-charge will come and brief us all about this project where they will teach my interactors how to construct this magnificent trees.

After that my parents , together with me and my sister, visited our maternal Grandmother at a Nursing Home in Whampoa, it felt like it has been 12 years since i see her when i was a toddler, She had grown old and skinny and had forgethen about my parents ( I guess she may be suffering from slight dementia).We talk to her and cheer her up, my mother gave her a good shoulder massage to make her feel better. It has been months since my mother felt unhappy about her illness and now seeing her still strong, a smile is etched onto her face which i have not seen the past few months due to the stress from her work.

I guess it is still back to the old days, Study. Sigh, if i would have alter the world, I will make a place where no exams co-exist in this world a single bit. Sadly, i do not have the power to do so. I hope i can do more of this Community services to help people, before i step down from my club to began intensive studies!!

So long !!!!!!!

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