Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

It is been a while since i been blogging, how are you guys? Hope you are Well.

Chinese New Year is a Festive Season where everyone of us Enjoy. There are lots of things done thus i am too busy preparing for Chinese New Year. My house decos were all under me where i have to put up every single Decoration, lots of hardwork involved eh?

Reunion Dinner was Great. Feasted on all kinds of food cooked with a glass of Wolfgrass Red Wine, though the gathering was only very small, still it is very enjoying and we all happily get along with each other.

Visiting other families were also a fun thing, we did a range of activities with each other too. I love it too much.

Thats all, see ya!

Monday, January 19, 2009

One Busy Monday

Today i went to clean up the class cupboard it was sooooo messy, Daniel dragged me to do this work. Sometimes really no choice but to clean the mess up

Daniel And me cleaning up the mess of the Cupboard. Papers and books flying all over

Look how clean the class cupboard is after packing...........................

Daniel,Shawn and I also got to be in charge of Costume Design for CNY , not fair lol.

AT the Interact Meetings, i Have to plan for The COH visits, kinda very tiring to do this and that. No choice after all i am still the interact VP i have to endure this.............................

My sister bought new clothes today, At tampines mall, kinda nice at least..............

Today i end my post like this, hope something good happens

Sunday, January 18, 2009

In Preparation for Chinese New Year

First thing on Friday, My Father set up the Pussy Willow to be displayed at the Living room, which was big and nice. Every Year it is a tradition to buy one pussy willow to be displayed before Chinese New Year. Here are some pictures of itThis is it finally the pussy willow is up

Adding Ice to the tree, it depends on it to grow

The Decos are up Finally.

This year will be a little bit boring for Chinese New Year, for i still need to study on holidays after visiting relatives.

I just got some Pictures from my Ex-teacher Mr Yee. He teaches us for the pass 3 years in maths. I will like to thank him for everything he did to make me get my A's for my Maths Subjects.

He visited everyone in school. Last Monday

Mr Yee and me in last year's pizza party at School.

I will not forget about him at all. Wish him the best.

My sister is really irritating me to the core.I have to find ways to stop her screaming first. See ya

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

School days

First things first, gosh, the top student in our school scored 9 distinctions with my results how am i gonna reach 9 distinctions? Totally need to put in more effort. Teachers want us to get A1, snort, not fair, they only pushed us the most and never pushed other classes to the top .........
Paid $3 for class fund, sianz. Luckily i did my chinese revision test papers till 12 midnight or else, I would pay another $3 dollars as a Fine and redo, my chinese teachers thinks that is the only way to make sure we do your homework. Plus another $7 for my chinese 10 year series... 2 days of pocket money went for the books.........

Biology lesson was humourous, First, we have to crosswords puzzle for our topic on respiration. Words needed to find: "Hi , Lungs , Grade Four , Asthma , Mucus , Go to School etc." what kind of crosswords is this, are they testing my Primay School English for fun. The teacher told us to ignore those words not related........... Oh ya " Never Start go home" is also a word to be found... are they telling us NOT TO GO HOME??Then we ask lots of Jokes springing out of us." Who would thought that the School is so budget in not providing toilet paper" was one joke and the reply was " You can ask the smartest guy in our class to provide you with toilet paper, he brings it to school just to wipe his mouth, so whenever we need it, just ask from him, he will provide"........................ I kinda not get this joke well but there are still others which i do not wish to go on with it.

Prefect investiture on 18 February, i have to wear long sleeves uniform with a Tie and court shoes.......... The Stage itself is already Totally small and very warm, imagine up to 70 people squeezing in the stage, we will become Roasted!!! ACK!!! I pity the Head Prefect... He has to wear Long Sleeves and Blazers, he will for sure Sweat till he drop.Hope he can Tahan ( Endure).

Our Ex- Maths Teacher, Mr Yee, went to school and visit us on Monday, Really want him to teach me maths man, usually with him around i am able to do well in both Maths subjects due to his consistent guidance and teaching........... He went to Chung Cheng High ( Main) to teach , wish him the best.

Bye, see ya guys.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A/E Maths = Accident and Emergency

Needing help for Additional Maths chapter 8 Matrices. Someone please come teach me this topic, I kinda got stuck on that chapter. Need to Know this chapter DAMN SUPER FREAKING FAST.

Everyday, Maths Homework is usually visible, I just need to find time to do it, they can make me feel pissed off everytime i try to solve especially when it is regarding with Maths Sums like this for Trigonometry ( 7Sin3x - 6Sin3x=3.8, X is between 0 degress to 360 degrees, Solve X) totally crazy..................

Today just installed the New MSN, there is kinda lots of new Features and its graphics is somewhat nice. But the problem is, I CANT OPEN MY E-MAILS at all. Stupid, now it takes thrice the troublesome as i have to open my E-mails in another computer..............

I thought of having to invent one File sorting machine, to help me sort up my papers inthe files quickly. It takes me hours to do finish them.

( Just remember to finish my last few questions or my parents will nagg) See Ya

Saturday, January 10, 2009

One Funny Saturday

Today, i just bought a new badminton racket from Suntec Carrefour, I kinda like it alot, but my sister played with it and the shuttle cock went all the way to the opposite neighbours house. I wanted to laugh and roll over the floor.

I must remember not to tease her anymore or she will complaint...

A new sofa set was delievered to the house also, but the sofa was defective, my dad went angry when they said the sofa was like that and demanded an exchange. After bargaining much, they finally agreed hahahahahahah we showed them who is boss .................... after all the customer is always right

Today my aunt bought me so many kinds of stuff, and my favourite Traditional Carrot cake she found , i miss the old traditional carrot cake since i was young, though they are in stripes, it is still really nice to eat. Yummy XD

Tomorrow i am going out to play badminton with my family, gonna enjoy it really very much. Will never forget about today .

Friday, January 9, 2009

Days in School

A week after school, i feel so exhausted. Everyday Piles of Homework Stacked in front of my face. Studying all day long is really boring............

My teacher have chosen me to become Toilet I/C the worst Class position i have ever took for the past 3 years in school. Due to the new rule, where everyone's toilet break is recorded and given to the FT to see who likes to skip class, I was no choice forced to record their breaks. Also, i have to clean the classroom whiteboard for a WHOLE YEAR. That is something i wont want to do every lesson.

Our very own Classroom, where 4E1 resides, forever clean, the whiteboard has now become my duty to clean everyday.

Subjects were bad, once the class was forced to remember 15 formula's in 1 day for maths which is kinda hard.......... everyone was totally crazy at that time. But we have no choice since we are lagging behind time..... Homework is piling up and up, i wonder whether i can do it finish....

As most people around my neighbourhood are now taking their O levels, it is a little bit quiet outside my neighbourhood. No one goes out to jogg or cycle around.

Totally too quiet......................

Well thats all for today i will continue to update more next time.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just a post.

Just bought some new clothes from Robinsons.............. New year means New Clothes. My parents sure know what suits me. My sister keeps bugging me on everything i buy, irritating.......

Anyway Finally lv 35 for Cabal , lucky me. Still a long way to go, not like pros who boast like they are the boss and try attract attention by giving out good stuff too average players like us, i find them really pain in neck especially when they bugg you till you say SHUT YOUR ****** mouth. Still i cant admit, the better you are, the more famous you want to become.

A picture taken where i am fighting face to face with a scary monster . Kinda looks nice..........

Just doing the normal homework assigned is boring. Need to find something else to help interest me rather then playing games. I shoud try watching some old movies in the net.

Also looking for some exam stress- relieving techniques please try pm me

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Firstly, Wishing everyone a Happy Year 2009. This is my First time blogging, so i hope you would not mind the language. Today's school is Super Damn very boring. I have to assist the Secondary one Students to their seats. It is tiring as i have to wake up super early in the morning. Not to mention, with my sister snatching the bathroom.

The Principals speech was all boring , except one part, here is the situation

Principal: You guys have learnt about the Red blood concept, where everyone is together born with red blood. So tell me what happens if you see a person with green blood?

Students: " Kill him, he is an alien, he has no rights on Earth"

This made the teachers and students laugh..........................................................

Anyway Finally make it to 4E1, the school now depends on us to create a name if we make it for our O levels with flying colours. With all the pure subjects, and the rushes the teachers will have to make, it would be very disturbing and Stressful. You will never know when the teacher will place a stack full of work and pisses the students off with " DO IT , ALL I WILL SENT YOU FOR DETENTION attitude" . Some times i would think that the teachers are trying to follow the 3's , which is to "Sit down, Shut our pie holes and Stop driving me Crazy".

Soon i will hand over my cca duties over, now this is something i am looking forward to for the past 3 years in my secondary school life. I will make sure the predecessor will have a hard time taking over.

Thats all for now guys, i will post again soon.