Friday, January 9, 2009

Days in School

A week after school, i feel so exhausted. Everyday Piles of Homework Stacked in front of my face. Studying all day long is really boring............

My teacher have chosen me to become Toilet I/C the worst Class position i have ever took for the past 3 years in school. Due to the new rule, where everyone's toilet break is recorded and given to the FT to see who likes to skip class, I was no choice forced to record their breaks. Also, i have to clean the classroom whiteboard for a WHOLE YEAR. That is something i wont want to do every lesson.

Our very own Classroom, where 4E1 resides, forever clean, the whiteboard has now become my duty to clean everyday.

Subjects were bad, once the class was forced to remember 15 formula's in 1 day for maths which is kinda hard.......... everyone was totally crazy at that time. But we have no choice since we are lagging behind time..... Homework is piling up and up, i wonder whether i can do it finish....

As most people around my neighbourhood are now taking their O levels, it is a little bit quiet outside my neighbourhood. No one goes out to jogg or cycle around.

Totally too quiet......................

Well thats all for today i will continue to update more next time.

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