Sunday, January 11, 2009

A/E Maths = Accident and Emergency

Needing help for Additional Maths chapter 8 Matrices. Someone please come teach me this topic, I kinda got stuck on that chapter. Need to Know this chapter DAMN SUPER FREAKING FAST.

Everyday, Maths Homework is usually visible, I just need to find time to do it, they can make me feel pissed off everytime i try to solve especially when it is regarding with Maths Sums like this for Trigonometry ( 7Sin3x - 6Sin3x=3.8, X is between 0 degress to 360 degrees, Solve X) totally crazy..................

Today just installed the New MSN, there is kinda lots of new Features and its graphics is somewhat nice. But the problem is, I CANT OPEN MY E-MAILS at all. Stupid, now it takes thrice the troublesome as i have to open my E-mails in another computer..............

I thought of having to invent one File sorting machine, to help me sort up my papers inthe files quickly. It takes me hours to do finish them.

( Just remember to finish my last few questions or my parents will nagg) See Ya

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