Saturday, January 10, 2009

One Funny Saturday

Today, i just bought a new badminton racket from Suntec Carrefour, I kinda like it alot, but my sister played with it and the shuttle cock went all the way to the opposite neighbours house. I wanted to laugh and roll over the floor.

I must remember not to tease her anymore or she will complaint...

A new sofa set was delievered to the house also, but the sofa was defective, my dad went angry when they said the sofa was like that and demanded an exchange. After bargaining much, they finally agreed hahahahahahah we showed them who is boss .................... after all the customer is always right

Today my aunt bought me so many kinds of stuff, and my favourite Traditional Carrot cake she found , i miss the old traditional carrot cake since i was young, though they are in stripes, it is still really nice to eat. Yummy XD

Tomorrow i am going out to play badminton with my family, gonna enjoy it really very much. Will never forget about today .

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