Tuesday, January 13, 2009

School days

First things first, gosh, the top student in our school scored 9 distinctions with my results how am i gonna reach 9 distinctions? Totally need to put in more effort. Teachers want us to get A1, snort, not fair, they only pushed us the most and never pushed other classes to the top .........
Paid $3 for class fund, sianz. Luckily i did my chinese revision test papers till 12 midnight or else, I would pay another $3 dollars as a Fine and redo, my chinese teachers thinks that is the only way to make sure we do your homework. Plus another $7 for my chinese 10 year series... 2 days of pocket money went for the books.........

Biology lesson was humourous, First, we have to crosswords puzzle for our topic on respiration. Words needed to find: "Hi , Lungs , Grade Four , Asthma , Mucus , Go to School etc." what kind of crosswords is this, are they testing my Primay School English for fun. The teacher told us to ignore those words not related........... Oh ya " Never Start go home" is also a word to be found... are they telling us NOT TO GO HOME??Then we ask lots of Jokes springing out of us." Who would thought that the School is so budget in not providing toilet paper" was one joke and the reply was " You can ask the smartest guy in our class to provide you with toilet paper, he brings it to school just to wipe his mouth, so whenever we need it, just ask from him, he will provide"........................ I kinda not get this joke well but there are still others which i do not wish to go on with it.

Prefect investiture on 18 February, i have to wear long sleeves uniform with a Tie and court shoes.......... The Stage itself is already Totally small and very warm, imagine up to 70 people squeezing in the stage, we will become Roasted!!! ACK!!! I pity the Head Prefect... He has to wear Long Sleeves and Blazers, he will for sure Sweat till he drop.Hope he can Tahan ( Endure).

Our Ex- Maths Teacher, Mr Yee, went to school and visit us on Monday, Really want him to teach me maths man, usually with him around i am able to do well in both Maths subjects due to his consistent guidance and teaching........... He went to Chung Cheng High ( Main) to teach , wish him the best.

Bye, see ya guys.

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