Sunday, January 18, 2009

In Preparation for Chinese New Year

First thing on Friday, My Father set up the Pussy Willow to be displayed at the Living room, which was big and nice. Every Year it is a tradition to buy one pussy willow to be displayed before Chinese New Year. Here are some pictures of itThis is it finally the pussy willow is up

Adding Ice to the tree, it depends on it to grow

The Decos are up Finally.

This year will be a little bit boring for Chinese New Year, for i still need to study on holidays after visiting relatives.

I just got some Pictures from my Ex-teacher Mr Yee. He teaches us for the pass 3 years in maths. I will like to thank him for everything he did to make me get my A's for my Maths Subjects.

He visited everyone in school. Last Monday

Mr Yee and me in last year's pizza party at School.

I will not forget about him at all. Wish him the best.

My sister is really irritating me to the core.I have to find ways to stop her screaming first. See ya

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