Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just a post.

Just bought some new clothes from Robinsons.............. New year means New Clothes. My parents sure know what suits me. My sister keeps bugging me on everything i buy, irritating.......

Anyway Finally lv 35 for Cabal , lucky me. Still a long way to go, not like pros who boast like they are the boss and try attract attention by giving out good stuff too average players like us, i find them really pain in neck especially when they bugg you till you say SHUT YOUR ****** mouth. Still i cant admit, the better you are, the more famous you want to become.

A picture taken where i am fighting face to face with a scary monster . Kinda looks nice..........

Just doing the normal homework assigned is boring. Need to find something else to help interest me rather then playing games. I shoud try watching some old movies in the net.

Also looking for some exam stress- relieving techniques please try pm me

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