Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Triple Tests of Doom

Physics Chemistry and Biology tests are killing................. I have Never ever been stressed till like mad before.

Physics is soooooo damn hard, i think i am gonna fail it. I should have spend more time on the structured questions and not the ESSAYS......

Chemistry i scraped a B4 kinda bad but almost half of my class failed the test. Luckily i pass hahahaha

Biology is so-so but sianz one could never expect a bigger wave coming... I Lost 10 marks in that paper for forgetfulness zzzzzzzzz

And Damn it i got sick in that week, supposingly i should have rest, in the end i got myself into deep waters when my flu got worse...

Preparing for the COH visit on 11 feb 2009, another big project that is gonna stress me out again .

This week is gonna be rough. Hope i can make it through.

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